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With Continental Black Chili Driving Experience in France

02.06.2020  |  Eurocatena

Find out the secret of first-class traction - Continental Black Chili

When you first get behind the wheel of a sports supercar and feel the power of your blood and shivers at the turn, you learn the secret of sports driving and understand why first-class car tires are so important.

Do you want to make your car dreams come true? Black Chili Driving Experience offers you a unique opportunity to spend four unforgettable days in which not only to enjoy driving sports cars on the picturesque streets of Provence, but also to pamper yourself properly in prestigious hotels and boutique restaurants.

Celebration of Continental's leading role in the automotive industry
Black Chili is Continental's "secret spice": a blend that ensures that car tires can achieve even better results and even better traction. Thanks to numerous studies, innovations and developments, its introduction has significantly improved the ride and braking characteristics of high-performance (UHP and uUHP) year-round tires, while reducing rolling resistance, providing better durability of tires in everyday use.
The SportContact 6, PremiumContact 6, ContiSportContact 5P and ContiSportContact 5 car tires, fitted to the cars you will be able to drive during the Black Chili Driving Experience event, are particularly suitable for sports cars, off-road SUVs and high-end electric models. . All cars included in the event - Jaguar I-Pace, Ford Mustang, Porsche Boxster 718, Mercedes C43 AMG, Audi RS3 and BMW M240i, are originally equipped with Continental car tires, which means that they are made in close cooperation with the car manufacturer.
Almost every third new car produced in Europe is factory-fitted with Continental car tires. Because Continental is not just a tire manufacturer, it also provides connectivity and entertainment solutions, as well as many small but important accessories such as headlight washers. The company carries out approximately 75% of its entire international business as an auto parts supplier, so it is not surprising that most of the new cars are equipped with a wide range of other products manufactured by Continental such as shock absorbers, brakes and other safety systems. (ABS, ESP, AEB, etc.).
How to win and go to France *?

To celebrate its leadership in the automotive and tire industries, Continental will bring the winners of the Black Chili Driving Experience event. Among the 100 best quiz participants in each participating country, a winner will be chosen who will go to the event with an escort of their choice.

For more information and participation visit

* The event will take place in October this year or in the spring of 2021, and its organization will comply with all health restrictions and recommendations.

Additional prize for all participants in the quiz

Each of you who participates in the quiz on will receive a special discount, which you can take advantage of when buying Continental car tires from selected authorized dealers.