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How to get a discount voucher with participation in Continental Black Chili Driving Experience

02.06.2020  |  eurocatena





The voucher is valid from 01.06.2020 to 31.10.2020 or until the available quantities / cancellation.




-10% discount on all Continental car tires at selected dealers OR discount on the installation activity when buying 4 Continental tires


* This voucher provides a special discount when buying a set of car tires Continental for cars. See the list of authorized dealers where you can take advantage of the discount on the following page:

The type of discount depends on the authorized dealer - please check with the authorized dealer. These terms and conditions govern the rules for obtaining the voucher for a certain discount and the rules for its use in the following companies on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

General conditions for using a discount for the purchase of a set of car tires "Continental"

Receiving the voucher:

The voucher for a certain discount can be received only by a natural person (the voucher is not valid for legal entities), at age over 18 by solving the quiz on the website, and by filling in the intended fields your name, surname, address and email. In addition, it must accept the general conditions and confirm that it is aware with the data for personal data processing, published on the page

The discount voucher is personal, bound to its recipient (the individual); his personal name (name and surname) and address. The voucher is named and can only be used by one recipient. The recipient is obliged to provide correct data for the receipt of the voucher. Upon receipt of the voucher the recipient receives the right to use the discounts for purchase as defined on the voucher itself.


Use of the voucher

The voucher can be used at the points of sale of the companies indicated on it when purchasing a set Continental car tires of the same size (the set includes 4 x Continental tires). If they are on the voucher itself certain special conditions for its use (the conditions are written on the voucher), the voucher can be used only under these conditions. The voucher also indicates the deadline for its use - the application of discounts, received with the voucher. After the deadline for using the voucher, it will not be accepted at the points for sale and attempt to use it will not be successful.

It is not possible to exchange the voucher for its monetary equivalent. It is also not possible to cash compensation the difference in the value of the discount on purchase. The voucher cannot be combined with other discounts. Discounts or the campaigns are not cumulative, but mutually exclusive, unless otherwise stated on the voucher itself.

The voucher is used by presenting it at the checkout at the point of sale indicated on the voucher, when paying for the goods. He may be presented in printed or electronic form. Voucher numbers must be provided for online purchases (unique code) to recognize the discount.


Voucher validity

The voucher is valid from June 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 or until the available quantities are exhausted / canceled.